We have spent the past six years creating this formula through performing vigorous case-studies as well as analyzing reputable research to figure out optimal dosaging and ingredients that have been demonstrated to elevate performance. Most other pre-workouts use "proprietary blends" which simply is a way of saying that they are too ashamed to reveal their cheap and under dosed formulas. Pre-workout ingredients are expensive, and many companies choose to lower doses in order to preserve profit margin. We do not do this; we follow the literature.
This is a passion product to create the most scientifically dosed product on the market. We know that once people try Jungle Shot, they will never buy from another preworkout company again!

Jungle Shot includes 9 ingredients that have all been demonstrated in published research journals to aide in performance in and out of the gym. For us, creating a formula that allows for greater output and results in the gym is great but with Jungle Shot we wanted to create something much more. The gym is only 4% of your day if you exercise an hour each day. We wanted to create a formula that would also aide in performance in the workplace allowing for greater performance, confidence, and cognitive ability. A few companies are finally now inputting an optimum amount of citrulline malate but no company utilizes the proper amount of alpha-gpc that is needed to enhance cognitive ability and focus. Even the "top-end" focusing and concentration supplements under dose this ingredient which has been shown to be the most bioavailable choline derivative created to boost cognitive ability thus far.

Creating the best life enhancing supplement on the market is still not enough for us.  We want this product to be an educational experience for all who use it. We want you to not just know the benefit of each ingredient, but also the physiology for how the ingredient aids in the function of the body. Everybody wants to know "what a supplement will do for them" but understanding the "why" is just as critical. We desire to bring openness and transparency to helping you understand what Jungle Shot can do for you and why it is so effective.